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As an experienced Video Editor, I have a wealth of hands-on experience in transforming your footage into a seamlessly edited video that’s primed & ready to go viral or make a lasting impression on your ideal target audience.

Having successfully completed over 750 projects across a range of industries including Gaming videos, top10, vlogs, tutorials & commercials, I am well-equipped to tackle any project in almost every niche imaginable.

Using Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 & After Effects to bring your concept to life, my outputs include skilfully woven montages, commercials & YouTube videos.

I move your audience to action with inspirational video tactics that communicate your mission, vision, and services that embody our shared values of Impact, Beauty, Innovation, Wholeness, and Overcoming Adversity. I do this because I want to move people emotionally and to move them to answer a call to action.  What action do you want to inspire?

My skills are formed from years of experience

Adobe Premiere pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop

My Top Services :

I’m here for anyone who has a message, dream, business, brand, or something you want to get out to the world; Video is the most effective way to do it

YouTube Video Editing

Professional video editing can multiply your views by increasing the average view duration(Audience retention). Anyone knows that the YouTube algorithm loves videos with high audience retention and pushes them to more audiences.

It’s simple math: Hiring me= Better video editing= Higher audience retention = Higher score in the youtube algorithm = More impressions = More clicks = More views = more subscribers = More money

Commercial Video Editing

The first 5 seconds of the video drastically affect the ability to retain a user to continue watching your video, under that guideline, I create videos that are entertaining to watch with visual effects and coordinated with music.

You can request your Ad in any format for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Tik Tok.

It’s simple math: Hiring me= Better video editing= Higher average view duration = Higher CTR = More Conversations = More money

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Kind words from my clients

I am working with Mahdi since 2021, he is one of my best video editors, we've completed over 100 projects for my YouTube channel! Ofcourse I'd recommend him to any YouTuber!
Mate Hajas
The owner of Bloke Box YouTube Channel
I worked with several video editors. One of the biggest challenges I faced working with them was conveying the vision of what I was looking for. Mahdi made the process so easy that I had the exact video I was looking for within a week. He made it very easy to request revisions, even encouraging them unless I was 100% satisfied. There is no question I will hire Mahdi in the future. It made my life a lot easier, and I am truly 100% satisfied
Charli Prangley
YouTuber (CharliMarieTv)
Working with Mahdi was about the best experience possible. He was super communicative and easy to work with. I'm someone who's super opinionated and had a few rounds of feedback, but Mahdi dealt with that professionally and helped me arrive at the exact video I wanted. I'd recommend Mahdi to anyone who needs a video edited. Thanks Mahdi!
Conor Smart
Marketing Manager at Operance
Mahdi helped put everything together, and I appreciated his efforts to work with the abstract suggestions we provided him!
Shane Olivier
Talent Recruiter at Watchmojo.com

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